Humics recovery from WWTP effluent

Nutrient Factory

Humic acids are interesting because they have the property to increase the uptake efficiency of nutrients. This involves plants and animals. An improved intake of nutrients stimulates the resistance and the yield. The purpose is to investigate a new and innovative concept whereby humic acids are recovered by means of an ion exchanger from treated municipal waste water (effluent). This research is part of the RINEW project.


The research results have shown that the resin mainly captures the humic acids.
There is a follow-up step required in order to thicken the humic acids and to wash out the salts.
Organic nitrogen is removed for more than 90% from the effluent.

Start of Research
January 2016

End of Research
August 2016

- Aniel Koendjbiharie (Afstudeerstage, Chemische Technologie)
- Niels Groot (Afstudeerstage, Aquatische Ecotechnologie)
- Han van de Griek


- Municipality of Rotterdam
- Delfland Water Authority
- Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Authority
- Hollandse Delta Water Authority

Han van de Griek
Evides Industriewater
[email protected]